Monday, August 22, 2011

22nd RAMADAN =)

*Life is on the way up!*
I woke up by 3:15 in the morning and made sehri meals for everyone..they are having it right now and the sehri time must be over by rotis are getting into shapewith the passage of time and hehehe...i wanna salute my lil bros for bearing my irregular shaped parathas till today when i have become quite good at rolling..its all because of your patience that i've become so good at this...arey arey i am running out of time lemme have my remaining sehri meal..excuse me for just 10 minutes i want to have my porridge finished and a glass of water tooo!!oh no just 10 minutes to 4:30..oye maen bhag rahi bhaee!!bye bye
M back:)timing is everything bhaee..Allah shukar i am about to end my Quran and this Ramazan ha been quite special in this respect because i was reciting Quran along with translation..YESS!!i guessed i did not mention anything about this in any earlier posts of mine..haey last 5 minutes excuse me for a while..bhaee pani!!
its 4;38 right now and asad sahab(hamaray ghar k sbaey chotay chash'm o chiragh)as usual trying to get along withe late he hotay hain chahay kuch hojaey:)
Soooo where were we??ahan..i have recited 20 siparas till today along with recitation of Joshan-e-Kabeer..(its just sooo much soul enlightening and frees me from all worries and problems whenever i am bothered with)..Nothing's compared to the feelings one get by Quranic recitation and... the translation.. makes one start believing in miracles..i have experienced it and i cant put this into words how much relieve and inner peace i have gained!!looking forward to making it a habit of mine..i've to offer my Fajr prayers now so Goodbye for now..

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