Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Best Traits of Women according to Hazrat Ali(A.S)

The best traits of women are those which are the worst traits of men,Namely
Thus since the women is vain she would not allow any access to herself;since she is miser she would preserve her own property and property of her husband,and since she is weak-hearted she would be frightened with everything that befalls her..
Hazrat Ali(A.S)

Vanity has always been considered a sin but in certain cases it can become a Farz only this saying of Hazrat Ali(A.S) has proved it to me..vanity or conceit is thinking highly of yourself without looking down on anybody(shaykh kamaluddin)..the first part of the saying reflects on the basic and almost forgotten rule of Islamic State that's a women being vain here means that she would not let or allow anyone to approach her only because its not permissible in Islam and not because of the pride of the beauty she's blessed with..she would'nt be considering herself highly of any person of another gender instead she would be just following The Command(May we all get the courage to follow this Command *Aameen*because this's the most crucial part of one's belief and usually considered to be owned by narrow minded people but in my opinion is responsible for most of the evil happenings of this century)
Cowardice,for men is definitely considered a sign of shame when noticed being coward to stand up for himself but on the other hand considered a sign of a believer if he's fear for his Creator,the One who's Mighty and Deserves to be Sought after..Hazrat Ali(A.S) has mentioned a coward women among the best women (probably every women i've known is coward) this's something we women cant deny that we're weak hearted in born and get verry serious in little issues about life..
Miserliness is a sin(probably something that we all are committing unknowingly)and women are among the most misers in controlling management of house hold(hehe..i'm a khatoon too and at times i really find myself fighting to bargain for very small amounts)the point quoted here for women being miser is in terms of her possessiveness for her properties that include her self respect(being known as a Muslim Women)and if being married then preserving her self respect being a Muslim Wife..such a women takes every step with keen observation and determination such that she might not let any thing ruin her relation and her duty she's assigned being wife by Almighty..
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What was the single best thing you learned in 2011?

*thinking & thinking*its pretty difficult for me to list them but i'd share few and choose the one as my best accomplishment of 2011for which i'm verrry excited and would love to keep working on it well some might say that it's showing off or something butt i'd say 'if you'd do it for once you cant resist yourself from talking about it every where'..but on the other hand it might not even make you realize that you did something probably its all about being yourself!!well i've been totally myself 2011 and up for becoming more of what i'm..have you ever thought of daring to stand out being yourself??lemme ease you a bit once you start being yourself with your ownself its nowhwere remains a big deal for you to carry yourself around being  yourself..hah!how can i forget??we're talking about my accomplishment in 2011(well i'd love to know about yours too if you can courage sharing it)
That's one of the activities that i learned in 2011..some say its something that requires one who's verrry patient and i think its very true!its not much difficult to learn to do it..its all about folding and turning and twisting and the best of all is the result is always you want to have..i cant imagine who was the first one to work on it and made these folds the first time..
i learned how to make Jalebi=) that was a really good experience..i'd never had this in my mind that i'd be up for jalebi making in my life and would actually become a good jalebi maker=)it aint a difficult thing..all you've to do is just make the batter and let it ferment for whole night and then fry it in rings or any other form then dip them in sugar soultion..Enjoy your Jalebi's arey Have some;-)
Well best of all the accomplishments was something that i did without anyone's it seems like i was destined to go for it and now i feel soooo much blessed for doing it that i just keep talking about it where ever i go and usually without any purpose of doing it..I Recited Quran along withe translation in the month of Ramadan of 2011 and i cant describe in words how much i'm Thankful for being able to do it,its changed my views,changed me in many ways and helped me in becoming a better Muslim and i want to keep working on made me Thank for all those minute blessings i'm blessed with everyday and usually i never noticed them before=)