Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"You are the only person on earth who can use your ability"-Zig Ziglar

Seem like there's no one except me who can recognize my abilities..ummm..Really!?!hey all alone then?would'nt any body be helping me for this cause.hmm..koi gul ne..huhh its more like an adventure to be on your own,experiencing world and replacing the world mishap with experience..hehe..hey yes somewhat that's the way it is..still remember the lyrics of the song by India Arie

Life's a journey not a destination,
There're no mistakes just chances we've taken,
Lay down your regrets cuz all we've is now!
this is probably for those who're awake and want to think about themselves moving on, making people around them move on too for better healthy lifes!!Anyways back to our topic..ehem ehem!Well Thank God i am the only one who can use my abilities because if there'd have been many people for this uffh dead then..but before this *use of ability*there's this basic need of the Recognition and then their amplification at the right place at the right moment..so one should've this ability to intuit that specific *Right Moment* for the amplification of the ability.
Intuitively Intuiting Intuitions??(no conscious reasoning)??been reading Alchemist and it describes intuitions as "feelings that one believes to be true when surroundings start making sense in a way that come upto the situation perfectly and solves a query..to have this intuitive nature one's surely needed to be close to nature of himself and definitely to the surroundings as well.'A person close to nature is one who's always able to makeup with the change life's presenting and then standing out like an achiever..A pretty direct and straight forward kinda individual..
Trying to be like one!surely be someday.;))

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