Wednesday, September 14, 2011

*Just another task session*

That's the first draw string pouch made by me and i've done the stitches without a sewing machine..Yesh!!using simple needle and string..I should confess right here right right now that this monsoon season has been very lucky for my fabric tasks..i've taken a break from crochet ones..the last crochet task was my mobile charm that i made 3 days ago and this's how it looks like..

i have'nt posted any of the crochet stuff of mine here're a few of them..i made white one last year when my nani was staying at my mother use to yell at me for using her favorite yarn of all the time*giggles*..i still remember when my khala first saw this white one she was like dear you've alot to discover and you can cuzz you bear the mighty patience in your blood..and from that day on i am poking my nose into soo many stuffs i'd never come across before..its fun and i guess its not that difficult for girls to do any of this stuff =)
I am looking for multi coloured yarn for my next crochet tasks..amma'll surely be helping me for this because she's good at knitting stuffs and knows well about yarn qualities..
Hasta La Vista!

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