Friday, September 9, 2011

I Wish!!

i wish to live a day or a minute when every single person on this planet Earth will be happy,helping each other,smile with crystal clear hearts,when everyone's hearts will be free from worldly tensions or worries,free from fears that no other person wont harm or criticize or feel relieved killing each others loved ones..M ASKING FOR A MIRACLE..(I KNOW) BUT ATLEAST M DARING TO ASK FOR it AND LIVING WITH HOPE..
*I wish for a minute when no person would feel fear from any other person(free from fear of being threatened to death, free from fear of being criticized,free from fear of helpless,free from fear of being left alone just because of having different opinions,free from fear of being forced to do things that're unethical,free from fear of being left alone in hard times)
*I wish for a minute when every person will treat other person with compassion, love and without any expectation of return.
*I wish for a minute when there'll be no children forced to do beggary and would be studying in schools,dreaming to make their parents proud of them.
*I wish for a minute when no women would be criticized so badly for bearing a disabled child.
*I wish for a minute when i can do something to convince people to stop making children a means of beggary and income by unethical ways.
*I wish for a minute when i can make people realize that their parents whom they've had left in old age home are still hopeful for the day when their sons and daughters will come and visit them to say that they love their parents.
*I wish for a minute when people will be more concerned about their loved ones instead of tips and tricks to make money.
*I wish for a minute when a girl would not fear of being harassed while walking in front of a group of men who do nothing except harassing to feel satisfied and free from the insecurity that someone once made them feel.
*I wish for a minute when the words like wars and weapons will be removed from all the history books taught to children.
*I wish for a minute when people dare to stand for themselves to QUIT getting to the hands of death by using illegal drugs just to get over some disturbances in their lives.
*I wish for a minute when whole humanity will be happy and wouldn't have any grievances to cry for.
May ALLAH HELP Us ALL (Aameen)

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