Thursday, August 18, 2011

"Make it your business to know yourself,which is the most difficult lesson in the world" -Miguel De C

The quote above was quoted by Miguel sahab.He was a Spanish novelist,poet,playwright.
His greatest literary work was Don Quixote, which is considered a classic of Western literature and is regularly regarded among the best novels ever written. His influence on the Spanish language has been so great, that Spanish is often called “the language of Cervantes,” and he has been dubbed “the Prince of Wits.”

Back to have you ever thought about your own self,ever ?i mean like thoughts about your inner self, your talents ever generated an impulse in any of those resting neurons..will they ever dare too or simply you do not want to disturb them!i've put my self into this thinking process so please donot take me as a preacher or something..and good thing is this made me much more realistic,more closer to life and closer to people who greatly influence me.Its a great practice,do try once at least all you have to do is just put your self in a situation(in your imaginations)as if you're helpless,you're on your own completely,you've to do something to earn your living.Then bring in the thoughts of your daily needs like clothes,a shelter,food and people who can be a fulfill these craving thoughts,focus on what you can do to earn your shelter your food that's actually there in your real're born with it!focus on "what you can do?" and "who you can be?"
I guess some people out there wont even bother to think all this as they've got all they want,cheers to themkeep enjoying your lifes^this thinking winking is not made for you hhaha..They all need a wake up call,nothing but a load on this earth they will always be this way i donot want to be like them and Thank GOD i am a bit awake..not like these sleeping beauties.
Being realistic gives one the intellect of standing up for himself whenever needed,such a person is really enjoying his life to the fullest in my opinion as he knows about his limits his likings and will always be determined to do all that brings pleasure in his life.At least the person is LIVING..this is called LIVING..when you're living you want people around you to be happy,you make them happy because you want them to be be happy,your loved ones' happiness lies in you..your mother's happiness lies in yours..make them PROUD OF YOU..

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